About us

Santa Candida State Inc., is a family owned company dedicated to the promotion, trade and export of Nicaraguan Agricultural commodities in foreign markets. In some cases we have vertically integrated networks providing better controls for quality assurance.

Mission Statement

To promote and develop Nicaraguan coffee, originating from our farms, in its green and roasted presentations. Further, to promote Nicaraguan coffee and other agricultural commodities sourced and procured under the most strict quality parameter to assure the best quality of product and service to meet our costumer expectations. Additionally, to provide marketing support to small, medium and large scale farmers producing other Agricultural commodities.


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Coffee Nicaragua

Green Coffee Production

We originate coffees from two family owned farms. Santa Candida farm located in Arenal, municipality of Jinotega. Coffee plantations at this farm are between 1300 to 1500 Meters Above Sea Level. Varieties grown here are Caturra, Catuai and Maragojipes. Monte Fresco, a second farm, is located in Cerro de Apante, Matagalpa. Elevation at this farm range between 1100 to 1300 Meters Above Sea Level. Varieties grown at this farm are Caturra, Catuai and Maragojipes. Both farms have modern wet milling facilities to maintain the highest standards of processing for quality assurance.

Green Coffee Export & Trade

Santa Candida State Inc., as a Coffee Exporting and Trade entity, procures coffee from Single Estate farms in the Regions of Matagalpa and Jinotega. Our Coffee team works with growers in every facet of production and wet milling for quality assurance. Further, we work with independent Dry Mill/Processors to obtain the highest quality of green coffee to market and trade.

Roasted Coffee

As part of our value added services, we have partnered up with a roasting facility in order to offer costumers our Santa Candida Gourmet Roasted Coffee. Carefully selected blends and roast, ground and whole beans, provide for exquisite coffee that will satisfy the most demanding coffee lovers.  We also provide private labelling services.

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Cardamom & Chia Seeds

Cardamom (Whole Green Pod & Seeds)

Our Cardamom team, sources Cardamom from growers in North Central Nicaragua. Our technical staff, in coordination with growers from the regions, works jointly to monitor production and processing. We work on quality parameters assurance required in the market place. We focus primarily on exporting WHOLE GREEN POD, however, Cardamom seeds are also available for export.

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Chia Seeds

Our Chia technical and procurement staff sources from growers in the Region of Jinotega. We team up with growers to source, process and market the best quality product. Careful quality assurance processes are implemented jointly in order to guarantee full compliance with market requirements.

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Roberto Wilkinson

Km 14 Carretera Sur

Entrada Funde-Inde, 300 Vras al Este,

El Crucero, Managua

Cel; (505) 8887-7994

Email: rwilkinson@stacandidastate.com

Skype: robertowil


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